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Case Studies to help you understand our potential as a web development company.

Kindly go through the case studies, as they will help you understand how well we are solving real-time web and app development problems. Our digital solutions are all centered on usability; thus, all of our products deliver a great digital experience for everyone who visits your website.

Oil Gas & Mining

Fendley Secure - Fendley Consultancy

The redevelopment of the existing legacy fendley secure platform dynamic reporting + enhancements. This platform has extensive permission management down to the field level combined with dynamic page and form creation providing flexibility for changes in the industry
Farming Agriculture

Avo Data- Avocados Australia

The brief was to redevelop a legacy platform into a modern and robust long term web based solution used by the whole Avocado industry to record, track and report on Avocado distribution and sales within Australia.

One School Global - Transportation Management System

To develop a full integrated transport management system for management transport nationally and in the future internationally. The system provides an in vehicle tablet application to track location during trips and relaying this information to Parents using the parent app as well as administration back at base.
Financial Services

You Lend

To develop a SAAS peer to peer lending platform that allows lenders and borrowers to connect and undertaking lending. This system has extensive payment integrations, workflow and security hardening due to the nature of the project.
Real Estate & Rental Services

Schedule Mate

Redevelop an existing maintenance program into a multi tenancy SAAS platform that allows users to subscribe to the platform and run their own maintenance business. Due to the intended target audience the system had to be easy to use with a very clear UX design for use by non-technical users.
Real Estate & Rental Services

For Life

Initially the brief was to provide a CTO role providing advice and guidance on the existing development, which quickly turned into ongoing support and enhancements to their product.

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