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Fueling Franchise Growth Through Analytics Dashboard Consolidation

As Studio Pilates rapidly expanded franchise locations, corporate leaders lacked visibility into individual studio operations and performance metrics without laborious manual reporting. Seeking analytics consolidation and enhanced decision making, Studio Pilates engaged C9 to create a flagship portal centralising key insights from their tech stack.

Built on .NET Core foundations, C9 delivered an integrated portal experience fueled by real-time reporting from platforms like Xero, MindBody, and social channels. Leveraging Power BI Embedded visualisations, franchisors and franchisees can now filter data at all organisational levels to pinpoint sales drivers, assess customer engagement, and optimise operations.

The result is on-demand access to data like membership attrition, class utilisation, revenue changes, payroll costs, lead generation, and more to inform staffing, marketing, and growth strategies franchise-wide. With a singular analytics platform fueling transparency and data-backed decisions, Studio Pilates leadership can now steer franchises toward maximum profitability.

This case study offers a window into C9 unified approach synthesizing disparate data streams into digestible, actionable insights.

Studio Pilates have a franchise model nationally and internationally and require the ability to view critical reporting on various aspects of the performance across the organization. The brief was to design an integrated dashboard based on Microsoft Power BI Embedded along with various integrations and value added information to make key business decisions.

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