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Streamlining Water Entitlement Management for Tasmanian Irrigation

Imagine facing the monumental task of managing water entitlements for an entire state, relying solely on manual Excel spreadsheets. This was the reality for Tasmanian Irrigation, an organisation responsible for ensuring fair and efficient water distribution across Tasmania's agricultural sector.

Then, a bright idea, akin to a refreshing raindrop, emerged: modernisation. Envision a powerful Intranet web application, built with cutting-edge technologies like HTML5 and Kendo UI, replacing the archaic spreadsheet system.

This is the captivating story of how we, Australia's leading custom software developer, partnered with Tasmanian Irrigation to transform their water entitlement management into a dynamic, automated, and data-driven process.

This case study delves into the intricate details of this transformative project, exploring:

  • The critical need for a modernised water management system, replacing the limitations of manual spreadsheets.

  • The powerful features and functionalities woven into the custom-built Intranet web application, including responsive design, configurable workflows, and dynamic reports.

  • The technological bedrock of the project, encompassing HTML5, JavaScript, Kendo UI, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, REST APIs, Azure hosting, PowerBI/SSRS, and more.

  • The tangible benefits experienced by Tasmanian Irrigation, from improved efficiency and accuracy to enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Get ready to embark on a journey through the fertile fields of data and technology, and witness how a well-planned irrigation system isn't just for crops – it can nourish entire industries.

Stay tuned for the full case study, where we'll dive deeper into the innovative solutions that transformed Tasmanian Irrigation from analog to agile, ensuring smooth water flow and a thriving agricultural future.

The development of a new water right management system used by Tasmanian irrigation to manage water entitlements across Tasmania. The application replaces the excel spreadsheet that is currently used with a highly customised and powerful intranet web solution. This included automatic document generation and integration into the clients existing document management system.

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