Case Study: One School Global - Transportation Management System

Web based management console with Parent and Driver Mobile Apps

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How We Built a Customisable Transportation Management System to Streamline Multi-Campus Operations for a National School

One School Global required a modern transportation management system capable of tracking vehicles, attendance and routing across a vast network of campuses nationally and abroad. However, reliance on manual processes and basic GPS solutions failed to provide administrators the visibility and coordination needed to optimise daily school bus operations.

After a thorough analysis of routing pain points, student data relationships and reporting requirements, our team designed an integrated platform around .NET Core leveraging mobile and mapping APIs to deliver seamless visibility and management control room-to-bus-to-home.

Over 2000+ hours, we implemented consumer-grade mobile experiences connecting parents directly into the transportation cycle while providing back-office teams a command center to monitor efficiency metrics across the entire busing ecosystem.

The end product delivers a reliable, easy-to-use transportation platform that enables data-driven decision making, enhanced safety through real-time monitoring, and unlocks a new level of excellence across the institution’s complex multi-campus transportation needs.

To develop a full integrated transport management system for management transport nationally and in the future internationally. The system provides an in vehicle tablet application to track location during trips and relaying this information to Parents using the parent app as well as administration back at base.

Key Functionality

  • Student Management
  • Seat Allocation and Attendance Tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Google Maps Integration

Core Technologies


One School Global


International Education Institution


2000+ Hours