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Caring At Home - Enabling On-the-Go Access to Critical Healthcare Education

As a leading provider of in-home healthcare services in Queensland, the Caring At Home program needed to empower its 15,000+ nurses and personal carers with on-demand access to the latest medical education and training resources. However, their existing system required users to be connected to the internet to view materials, limiting access.

To transform Caring At Home's education delivery, the Queensland Health Department partnered with C9 to build a robust, offline-capable mobile platform. With over 300 hours of development spanning .NET Core, Xamarin, CMS, and multilanguage support, C9 brought the program's vision to life.

The result is an intuitive mobile app that enables users to download, store, and access critical healthcare education modules in multiple languages while in the field. Core capabilities such as granular user permissions, dynamic content authoring tools, and customisable reports provide administrators with unparalleled flexibility to keep frontline staff informed.

By leveraging C9 technical expertise in building secure enterprise mobile solutions, the Caring At Home program can now extend training to care's anytime, anywhere. This allows Queensland's in-home care network to provide the highest quality care to the community when it matters most.

To develop a content managed mobile app that allows for the downloading, and offline storage of multiple language packs for resources related to palliative care.

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