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Mobile App Upgrades and Redevelopment

Keep your mobile app up-to-date and competitive with C9's mobile app upgrades and redevelopment services.

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Evolve Your Mobile Apps Through Expert Upgrades and Redevelopment

As a leader, continuously improving mobile apps is key for user value and competitiveness. But major upgrades and redeveloping aging apps requires substantial resources.

C9 provides specialised mobile app upgrade and redevelopment expertise. For over 15 years, we've revitalised underperforming apps by:

  • Redesigning UX to boost engagement
  • Implementing high-demand features
  • Migrating to new frameworks/languages
  • Optimising performance and security
  • Integrating back-end system connectivity
  • Providing ongoing maintenance and support

We become an extension of your team to breathe new life into mobile apps. Our collaborative process ensures upgrades and redevelopments achieve your business goals.

Let our mobile app upgrade and redevelopment specialists evolve your apps to drive results.

Increased Engagement

By redesigning apps to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and incorporating highly demanded features, we are able to significantly boost user engagement during upgrades and redevelopments.

Reduced Churn

Implementing new features users have been requesting along with overhauling outdated UX through the upgrade process enables higher user retention over the long-term.

Faster Performance

Migrating legacy apps to newer and faster development frameworks as part of redevelopments vastly improves the speed and reliability of apps, delivering superior UX.

Enhanced Security

Redeveloping aging apps provides an opportunity to build in robust security measures such as authentication, authorization, data encryption, and other protections missing in legacy apps.

Lower Costs

The costs involved in redeveloping or significantly upgrading existing mobile apps is far more affordable compared to building completely new apps from the ground up.

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Revitalise Your Mobile Apps Through Upgrades and Redevelopment

We specialise in evolving mobile apps through custom upgrades and redevelopments

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Top Companies Rely on Us for Mobile App Upgrades and Redevelopment

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Price Waterhouse Cooper
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Australis Asset Advisory Group
Delta Panels
Inner Range
Brisbane Markets Limited
Avocados Australia
Sulzer Group
Commercial Radios Australia
CSIRO Data 61
Compare the Market
University of Queensland
Professional Hospitality
ISG Funds
Bonney Group
Specialist Electrical Solutions
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Mobile App Success Stories: Upgrades and Redevelopment

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Give Your App a New Life

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The C9 Advantage

C9 delivers high-value mobile app projects through specialised upgrades and redevelopments. Our commitment to quality and service earns long-term loyalty from satisfied clients. This proves you can rely on us to evolve your apps.

  • Customised approach
  • Expert Team
  • End-to-end Services
  • Focus on User Experience
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Proven Results 
  • Exceptional Experience
  • Customer-First Mindset

For proven mobile app transformation from experts, choose the C9 advantage. We are dedicated to upgrading and redeveloping your apps for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile App Modernisation

First we perform an assessment to identify areas for improvement. Then we re-architect and rebuild apps using current platforms, frameworks, design patterns and device capabilities while reusing stable backend services.

We have proven processes for smoothly migrating and transforming an app's user data, content, images, documents, metadata, scripts, etc. to new structures with no disruption.

Our design experts conduct user research, develop wireframes and prototypes, and apply the latest UX best practices to overhaul the user experience and interface for optimal usability.

Mobile App Redevelopment & Upgrades: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Our team of experts can help you redevelop or upgrade your mobile app to ensure that it remains competitive and meets the needs of your users.