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Centralising Key Metrics Across Teams

As Compare the Market rapidly grew its comparison services, leadership lacked real-time visibility into internal team productivity metrics and goal progress. Seeking analytics consolidation and data-informed culture, Compare the Market engaged C9 to create a flagship platform tracking KPIs across business units.

Built on scalable Laravel foundations, C9 delivered a customisable goal tracking interface catered to Compare the Market’s remote-first workforce. Leveraging dynamic Vue.js dashboards, managers can define, monitor, and report on personalised team OKRs while automated alerts notify on milestone achievements.

The result is enhanced transparency into individual and shared objectives, allowing leadership to identify high-flyers, remedy productivity bottlenecks, and adjust strategies driving business growth. With a unified analytics platform fueling a metrics-based culture, Compare the Market can now steer internal teams toward maximum output.

This case study offers a window into C9 build methodology creating automated, user-friendly analytics hubs tailored for monitoring strategic objectives across dispersed teams.

To develop a KPI management system for internal use. The system has had full UX design to ensure simplicity and ease of use for the users along with role based and team based KPI’s.

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