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From Siloed to Streamlined: Fendley Consulting Reimagines HR for Global Growth

Fendley Consulting required a reimagined approach to human resources data and process management that enabled greater oversight, customisation, and scalability across their workforce. However, their existing HR platform had become outdated, disjointed and incapable of addressing emerging business needs – requiring extensive manual processes slowing critical operations.

After an exhaustive review of off-the-shelf solutions revealed none met the precise permissions, integration and customisation demands of their global oil and gas clients, Fendley approached us to architect an intelligent platform tailored to their specialised requirements from the ground up.

Over 4000+ hours, our team conducted in-depth analyses of target user workflows, data relationships and pain points working closely with operational leadership and administrators. We designed an elegant, user-centric HR management hub leveraging .NET Core framework augmented by cloud storage, communication channels and authentication layers to deliver unprecedented workflow flexibility.

The end result is a future-proofed system that empowers administrators through role-based controls while allowing dynamic expansion as new demands emerge – establishing a centralised architecture for managing employee data seamlessly across the employee lifecycle.

The redevelopment of the existing legacy fendley secure platform dynamic reporting + enhancements. This platform has extensive permission management down to the field level combined with dynamic page and form creation providing flexibility for changes in the industry

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