Reporting & Business Intelligence Solutions: Power BI, Telerik, SSRS, SSAS, Quicksight in Australia

Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions to Help You Make Better Decisions. 

We help you collect, analyse, and visualise your data so you can gain valuable insights and make better decisions for your business.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions That Drive Growth

Business owners and executives need access to accurate and timely data to make informed decisions. But with the vast amount of data available today, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our reporting and business intelligence solutions can help you make sense of your data and turn it into actionable insights. We'll work with you to understand your unique business needs and develop custom solutions that give you the visibility you need to succeed.

With our reporting and business intelligence solutions, you can:

  • See real-time performance data so you can identify and address issues quickly.
  • Track key metrics and trends over time to spot opportunities and make better decisions.
  • Drill down into your data to identify the root causes of problems and develop solutions.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our reporting and business intelligence solutions are used by businesses of all sizes to improve their decision-making and drive growth. We can help you too.

Power BI Development

Our Power BI specialists design and develop interactive data visualisations to provide real-time business insights. We integrate data sources, create compelling dashboards, implement advanced analytics, embed reports, and provide ongoing optimisations.

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Telerik Reporting

We develop custom Telerik reports tailored to your data analysis needs. Our expertise in .NET components and themes enables us to build visually compelling and highly interactive reports connected to 100+ data sources.

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Microsoft SSRS

We build comprehensive reporting solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Our SSRS expertise enables us to develop, secure, customise, optimise, and embed interactive reports that derive insights from your data.

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Microsoft SSAS

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is an analytical data engine that provides enterprise-grade semantic data models for business reports and client applications such as Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services reports, and other data visualisation tools. It supports tabular models at all compatibility levels, multidimensional models, data mining, and Power Pivot for SharePoint. SSAS is a powerful tool that can help businesses make informed decisions based on their data.

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Microsoft SSIS

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a powerful data integration tool that enables businesses to extract, transform, and load data from various sources into a single destination. It provides a rich set of built-in tasks and transformations, graphical tools for building packages, and an SSIS Catalog database to store, run, and manage packages. With SSIS, businesses can streamline their data integration processes and make informed decisions based on their data.

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Amazon Quicksight

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-native, serverless business intelligence (BI) tool that provides native machine learning (ML) integrations and usage-based pricing. It allows businesses to easily create and publish interactive BI dashboards and receive answers in seconds through natural language queries. QuickSight dashboards can be accessed from any device and seamlessly embedded into your applications can be accessed from any device and seamlessly embedded into your applications 12.

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Unlocking Data-Driven Insights with Reporting & Business Intelligence Development

Our Reporting & Business Intelligence Developers specialise in crafting bespoke software solutions that harness the power of data analytics and business intelligence, driving success for businesses of any scale across all platforms and technologies.

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Our Reporting & Business Intelligence Developers have empowered leading businesses across Australia with successful custom solutions for data-driven Reporting & Business Intelligence Development.

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Our Reporting & Business Intelligence Developers are dedicated to delivering high-return projects that leverage the full potential of data analytics and business intelligence solutions. We take immense pride in our clients' long-term loyalty, a testament to the quality, professionalism, and exceptional experience you can expect from our Reporting & Business Intelligence Development services. Harness the power of data-driven insights and drive your business towards sustained growth and success with our expert Reporting & Business Intelligence Developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Intelligence & Reporting

Tailored reporting provides real-time visibility into KPIs to enable data-driven decisions. Our solutions transform complex data into intuitive, interactive dashboards.

We specialise in consolidating data from diverse sources like databases, APIs, CRM, ERPs, spreadsheets, etc. into unified analytics and reporting.

Our experts provide hands-on training and support materials to ensure your stakeholders can easily access and act on analytic insights derived from new reports and dashboards.

Transform Data Into Competitive Advantage

Meet with our BI experts to discuss better utilising your data for strategic decisions.