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Bringing Medical Education to Life with Unparalleled 3D Visualisation

Advances in technology have opened new possibilities for immersive and engaging education. Storm Road, a pioneer in medical device manufacturing, sought to leverage these advances to transform how physicians are trained in reading electrocardiograms and interpreting heart rhythms. They partnered with C9, Australia’s leading custom software developers, to create a one-of-a-kind 3D visualization platform for advanced medical training.

Built on .NET MVC 5 and powered by Three.js, this new scalable software-as-a-service solution provides an interactive 3D environment where every detail of heart anatomy can be dynamically explored. With precise 3D models of cardiac structures, resting ECG rhythms, and animated arrhythmias generated programmatically, the platform brings an unparalleled level of realism to e-learning for ECG education.

The project demanded innovation not only in visual design but also deep integration work to unlock key functionality. Tight coupling with PayPal enabled seamless subscriptions tied to permission-based access levels. By connecting with external health data systems via custom APIs, student progress tracking and assessments can be performed based on actual ECG readings. Together, these capabilities and over 700 hours of specialised medical curriculum converted a novel concept into a transformative training experience.

Since launching the platform, Storm Road has radically enhanced its medical offerings. Through this case study, explore an inside look at how C9 collaborated to make ambitious ideas become cutting-edge reality with software expertise, design mastery, and development beyond convention.

To develop a SAAS based medical education platform for learning heart rhythms for the medical industry. The system utilizes 3d models and Three.js to produce a player that allows the user to manipulate

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