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Enabling Secure Research Data Sharing Across Distributed Teams

Handling large volumes of sensitive research data presents complex security, access control, and collaboration challenges—especially for decentralized organizations like CSIRO. Seeking a unified platform allowing researchers to securely upload files and manage access in compliance with data regulations, CSIRO’s Data 61 engaged C9 to develop a robust custom solution.

Built on .NET Core leveraging advanced S3 integration, C9 delivered a highly scalable ticket management platform supporting controlled file uploads, permissioned access, and streamlined workflow processes. Researchers can now transmit multiple terabyte-scale project files to centralised cloud storage through automated chunking logic while granular permissions and 2FA authentication safeguard sensitive data assets.

With integrated notifications, version histories, and audit logs, the system also encourages collaborative analysis and acts as a single source of truth governing data usage across dispersed teams. The upshot for CSIRO is dramatically enhanced data security posture and researcher productivity through cloud-based, policy-driven file sharing tailored to modern scientific initiatives.

This case study offers insights into the C9 approach tackling complex research data challenges with cloud-powered software platforms balancing ironclad security with user experience.

To develop a bespoke ticketing and file management and release system that allows the controlled release of sensitive files to defined users within the system. The system has extensive S3 integration including bulk uploading of files greater than 2GB in size. This required “chunking” of data in transit along with validation for successful transfers.

Key Functionality

  • Notifications
  • Issue tracking

Core Technologies

  • Notifications: The system generates notifications to inform users about file uploads, approvals, and other relevant events within the ticketing and file management system.
  • Issue tracking: The system integrates issue tracking capabilities to manage and resolve any problems encountered during file uploads, transfers, or access requests.


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