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Large organisations are using traditional business intelligence services to secure the future of their organization at a huge cost, but our services are affordable and help you predict and control the future of your business like a pro.

Analytics Dashboards

Analytics dashboards are visual representations of key business metrics that provide business owners and executives with real-time insights into their business performance. These dashboards, created by business intelligence developers, enable businesses to identify trends, capitalise on opportunities, and address challenges to make informed decisions efficiently.

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Data Reporting & Analysis

Business intelligence, also referred to as data reporting and analysis, is a strategic process for collecting, refining, and analysing data to generate valuable insights that inform decision-making. These insights can be leveraged to improve different aspects of a business, including operations, marketing, and financial management. As a business intelligence developer, you play a crucial role in implementing and optimising data-driven strategies for organisational growth.

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    Data Cleansing & Migration

    Data cleansing and migration, crucial for businesses upgrading systems, moving to the cloud, or merging with other businesses, involves moving accurate, complete, and consistent data from one system to another. It is essential for a business intelligence developer to ensure data integrity throughout this process.

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    “We have been working with C9 for close to 3 years. During this time C9 have helped us develop and maintain our website to our needs in a professional manner. They assisted with our online application process resulting in a streamlined process for our online customers. C9 has produced a cost effective solution to meeting our online sales and exposure.”

    Phil McMaster, Director - Car Loan Xpress

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    "C9 is a very capable web design and technology company with a vibrant and enthusiastic team. In my experience C9 provide innovative & creative solutions, a high level of customer service and excellent communication. I find C9 to be very reliable and accessible. The team at C9 has a strong awareness of an individual’s needs, how to optimise growth potential and the evolving needs of a strong web presence. I highly recommend C9."

    CARLTON COX, Owner - &

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    "C9 updated and upgraded our rusty old site to a more user friendly format. Our site is unique with international clients and visitors, capturing book sales orders from around the world, proprietary site newsletter capabilities, and a large volume of past articles and newsletters. Ongoing support has been very good. Marcus Eddy is thorough and professional, and a pleasure to work with."

    DAVID TANZER, International Lawyer Owner & Director - David A Tanzer & Associates, PC


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    Business Intelligence & Reporting FAQs: Get the Answers You Need

    Business intelligence and reporting encompass the collection, analysis, and visualisation of data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. BI tools facilitate performance understanding, trend identification, and prediction-making. Meanwhile, reporting tools aid in the creation of reports that effectively communicate significant findings to stakeholders. As a business intelligence developer, your expertise in these areas can greatly benefit organisations.

    There are a number of benefits to using BI & reporting, including:

    • Improved decision-making: BI & reporting can help businesses to make better decisions by providing them with insights into their performance and trends.
    • Increased efficiency and productivity: BI & reporting can help businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity by automating manual tasks and providing them with a single view of data.
    • Improved customer service: BI & reporting can help businesses to improve their customer service by providing them with insights into customer behavior and preferences.
    • Reduced costs: BI & reporting can help businesses to reduce costs by identifying areas where they can save money and improve their efficiency.

    A software development solutions agency can help you with BI & reporting in a number of ways, including:

    • Assessing your current state of BI & reporting: A software development solutions agency can assess your current state of BI & reporting to identify areas where improvement is needed.
    • Designing and implementing custom BI & reporting solutions: A software development solutions agency can design and implement custom BI & reporting solutions that meet your specific needs.
    • Integrating your BI & reporting solutions with existing systems: A software development solutions agency can integrate your BI & reporting solutions with your existing systems to ensure that they are working together seamlessly.
    • Providing training and support: A software development solutions agency can provide training and support to your employees on how to use your BI & reporting solutions.

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