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Transforming Small Property Maintenance Businesses with SaaS Efficiency

For independent tradespeople, managing client properties while staying on top of scheduling, invoicing, and workforce planning is enormously challenging without robust systems support. Schedule Mate envisioned an adaptable SaaS solution to help small property maintenance businesses scale operations and delight customers.

With deep expertise building configurable SaaS platforms for a range of industries, C9 was engaged to redevelop Schedule Mate’s existing tool into a secure, user-friendly solution suitable for their target customer base. Through close collaboration, C9 engineers implemented customised tenancy management, dynamic job and workforce scheduling, automated notifications and timesheets, and mobile-responsive interfaces to drive efficiencies while easing administrative burdens.

Tight integration with mapping, communication, and payment platforms enhanced capabilities while robust access controls, multi-factor authentication, and rigorous validation workflows reduced risks around handling customer data. The end product is an easy-to-use yet powerful web and mobile platform enabling property maintenance teams to boost productivity and scale on-demand.

This case study offers insights into C9 technical approach designing tailored SaaS solutions for non-technical user segments. Read on to learn how purpose-built platforms and thoughtful UX combine to solve pain points for niche industries.

Redevelop an existing maintenance program into a multi tenancy SAAS platform that allows users to subscribe to the platform and run their own maintenance business. Due to the intended target audience the system had to be easy to use with a very clear UX design for use by non-technical users.

Key Functionality

  • Multi Tenancy
  • Scheduling / Diaries
  • Job Sheets / Job Runs
  • Team Management



Schedule Mate


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