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Empowering Suppliers With Merchandising Intelligence Portals

For suppliers managing product displays across chains of retail stores, accessing visual verification and performance insights in a timely manner is virtually impossible without digital tools. Fit Merchandising sought to create a centralised merchandising portal giving suppliers on-demand visibility into compliance and sales metrics across their retail accounts.

Tapped for their expertise delivering analytics solutions, C9 designed an interactive portal experience fueled by integrated third-party data sources. Leveraging Power BI Embedded, suppliers can now visually explore store compliance metrics, drill into category and product line performance, and instantaneously pull up images of product placements by store.

With actionable merchandising intelligence now available on-demand, suppliers can identify high-impact display opportunities, troubleshoot issues compromising sales, and ensure brand visibility complies with retailer standards. The result is enhanced supplier-retailer collaboration, accelerated issue resolution, and optimised Category Management.

This case study provides insights into C9 approach creating dedicated portals placing complex B2B data into stakeholders’ hands through user-friendly interfaces

To develop a portal for suppliers to review their merchandising performance and images of stores under their management. Note: dashboard screens can not be provided due to sensitive data. 

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