Case Study: Ozescribe - Triage Manager / Ozetriage / Monash Health

Cloud based workflow Application / ASP.NET WebForms

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Medical Referral Triaging, Increased Referral Speeds

After a failed project by the previous developers, C9 were commissioned to scope and build a new triaging system for Monash Health that will be used to track patients and referrals from commencement to completion. The application nedded to deal with larger volumes of incoming faxes and HL7 messages containing confidential specialist referrals and provide quick, effective and measurable specialist assignment by multiple roles within the organisation. 

 Upon delivery C9 received a standing ovation for the delivery which was ontime, on budget and to the specification developed in liaison with all parties involved. 

 Due to commercialisation reasons the current application is sitting on a staging environment awaiting full roll out by Ozescribe to other medical institutions. Upon production rollout C9 have an agreement to provide support and maintenance services as well as hosting and infrastructure services on our cloud infrastructure. It is envisaged that over 1 million transactions will pass through the system a year once fully rolled out. So the infrastructure put forward will scale as required. 

 C9 will also be providing ongoing development as required for the application to introduce improvements and complete onsite customisations for each deployment.

Key Functionality

  • Workflow oriented
  • Integration into existing applications
  • Medical Records
  • File handling
  • Scalable based on demand

Core Technologies

  • Configurable multi-step triage workflows
  • Custom HL7 and fax parsers
  • Schedulers and processors for high volume transactions
  • Auditing trails for health record actions
  • Dashboards and reports for process visibility
  • Auto-scaling platform to manage demand spikes


Ozescribe / Monash Health




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