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PubTek Powers Data-Driven Decision Making for Third Place Hospitality

Third Place Hospitality operates pubs and bars across Australia, serving locals and travelers alike. As their business expanded nationally, they struggled with centralising operational data to gain meaningful insights. Relying on manual processes and spreadsheets limited growth potential and prevented data-driven decisions

To empower fact-based leadership, Third Place partnered with C9 to develop PubTek – an interactive web application delivering real-time analytics through sleek dashboards and automated reporting.

Built using .NET Core , SQL Server , and other leading technologies, PubTek consolidated disparate datasets into a single source of truth. Key stakeholders now access up-to-date KPIs on demand, enabling them to spot trends, identify issues, and course-correct in real-time.

With data readily available, PubTek equips the Third Place team to base decisions on insights rather than instincts. The platform has become an invaluable asset for sustaining exceptional service and profitability across all locations.

To develop a replacement system for the existing excel spreadsheet mechanism being used nationally. The system provides critical KPI and dashboard data to numerous users across Australia and provides central reporting to key business stakeholders.

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