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Unlocking Visibility and Efficiency for Atkins Global's Complex Billing Processes

Atkins Global provides critical engineering management services worldwide for industrial giants like BHP and Rio Tinto. After a merger rendered their Australian team unable to access vital billing data housed in a UK-based ERP system, invoice processing lagged by weeks as data was manually compiled.

They chose C9 to develop a solution consolidating enterprise-wide data into a local portal offering complete visibility into client projects, resources deployed, and amounts owed. By building nightly ETL pipelines into Atkins' JD Edwards platform alongside structured warehousing, billing staff now access up-to-date centralised insights through dynamic reports and workflows.

The new portal and connected desktop application have reduced invoicing backlogs by 92% since launching. Role-based screens streamline processing via configurable approval chains and automated scheduling, while tight data security protects client confidentiality. Full, blended views into performance and receivables have helped Atkins optimise resource planning for greater profitability

Atkins Global are a large multinational who provide engineering resources and management to large companies such as BHP and Rio Tinto. C9 was commissioned to build a reporting and billing portal that integrated into their ERP JD Edwards located in the UK after a merger rendered their local reporting facility unusable. 

C9 build a data warehouse that was nightly synced with data from the UK for performance benefits and constructed a portal to allow Atkins the ability to process millions of dollars of invoices to clients all around Australia and abroad.

Key Functionality

Core Technologies

  • Configurable billing workflows for invoice processing
  • Nightly ETL process to sync JDE data to local warehouse
  • Role based screens for different billing staff
  • Automated scheduling of data loads and reports
  • Row-level security for confidential client data
  • Cached data cubes for high performance querying


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