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Transforming Operational Visibility for Specialist Trades

For electrical contractors managing complex projects across dispersed teams, gaining real-time visibility into resourcing, schedules, and profitability is difficult without robust digital systems. Specialist Electrical Solutions (SES) engaged C9 to create an adaptable management portal centralising critical field data to drive efficiencies.

Built on an extensible .NET Core platform with integrated S3, Twilio, and authentication protocols, the solution equips SES with customisable tools optimizing workflows. Dynamic interfaces facilitate rapid form and report building while extensive permissions cater to all staff levels. Seamless HR, timesheet, and RDO integrations connect previously siloed data sources for a singular view of field operations.

The result is automated data consolidation fueling accurate job costing, overhead analysis, payroll, and accounts management. With meaningful business insights now accessible in real-time, SES can spot inefficiencies, balance workloads, and make data-backed decisions forging a leaner, more profitable contractor.

This case study offers a window into C9 build methodology creating customised management platforms unlocking process transparency for specialist industries. Read on to learn how tailored analytic tools are transforming outdated reporting paradigms.

The brief was to create an extensible management portal focusing initially on time sheet management, RDO tracking & Reporting to fit within the current processes utilised by SES. The system produces profit and loss analysis as well as expense tracking reducing the time it previously took to produce just in time information from hours to seconds. This project is being developed in stages with the initial stage built and in production with further scoping and development intended moving forward.

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