Case Study: Avo Data- Avocados Australia

Legacy System Redevelopment & Enhancements

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From Silo to Vision: Unlocking Avocado Industry Insights with a Modern Data Hub

Avocados Australia required a modern platform capable of consolidating complex data streams to deliver transparency into distribution, supply dynamics and industry performance indicators on a national scale. However, their existing system comprised disparate datasets, manual reporting processes and limited insights failing to meet expanding business intelligence needs.

After a detailed analysis of current systems, data relationships and end-user workflows, our team architected a future-proofed custom platform around .NET Core and Xamarin frameworks to ingest, process and visualise critical industry data.

Over 4000+ hours, we implemented advanced ETL routines, BI dashboards and mobile capabilities drawing on the latest cloud-based resources. The result is an intelligent data hub uniting once siloed datasets to provide the Avocado industry with unprecedented visibility through robust interactive reporting and mobile experiences reflecting up-to-the-minute supply realities.

With expandable architecture via REST APIs that simplify integrating third-party systems as required, the platform delivers a vital foundation for driving strategic decision making industry-wide through modern, centralised data layers.

The brief was to redevelop a legacy platform into a modern and robust long term web based solution used by the whole Avocado industry to record, track and report on Avocado distribution and sales within Australia.

Key Functionality

  • Data Transformation / Importing
  • Extensive Calculation Logic

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4000+ Hours