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Automating Operations and Visibility for Forestry Enterprise's Growing Timberland Assets

Forestry Enterprises Australia (FEA) manages over 150,000 hectares of timberlands across the country on behalf of institutional investors. With acquisitions expanding holdings rapidly, they lacked real-time visibility into harvest planning, regulations tracking, and return analysis across properties.

FEA partnered with C9 to develop a centralised intranet platform consolidating operational data from disparate sources into unified views and automating cumbersome reporting. Built on ASP.NET frameworks with embedded SQL database functionalities, the system provides foresters and fund managers actionable intelligence to optimise harvesting yields, surface issues early, and maximise investor profits.

Dashboards visualise asset ROI variances and product segment demand shifts previously requiring weeks of manual collation. Automated permitting and compliance notifications reduce regulatory infractions by 19%. And model-based harvest planning now reflects latest growth rates for more accurate fund projections.

FEA contracted us to develop an integral management tool for the Forest Industry used on a daily basis within the company. This system was built with a modular design and integrated into a number of other systems for FEA to streamline management processes and provide accurate reporting. Technologies in use include C# ASP.NET Web Forms using a Model View Presenter pattern, ADO.NET Entity Framework & SQL Server 2008 including SQL Server Reporting Services.

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