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University of Tasmania - Accommodation Booking System

Desktop Application Later converted to web application

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Streamlining Accommodation Management for University of Tasmania Students

With growing enrollment from abroad and rural regions, University of Tasmania grappled with cumbersome, disjointed accommodation booking workflows. Site-specific processes utilising basic form software or spreadsheets created bottlenecks finalising student housing placements.

They partnered with C9 to develop a customisable desktop platform enabling customisable drag-and-drop bookings, calendar scheduling, and process standardisation across campuses. The intuitive interface integrates with University authentication systems for simplified access permissions and data privacy.

Since launching, the new unified system has reduced booking backlogs by 83% while cutting data errors in half. Automatic notifications and digital approval chains accelerated contract finalisation allowing earlier travel planning for incoming students. With flexible term scheduling and batch booking capabilities, staff productivity also gained a 68% improvement realising substantial administrative overhead savings.

Ongoing enhancements will add student-facing accommodation search and online booking with integrated payment processing capabilities. With a scalable foundation now in place, the University is well-positioned to fulfill rising on-campus housing demand.

To develop a desktop application capable of managing accommodation booking for international and remote students studying at the University of Tasmania. The system was built to provide excellent drag drop functionality and interactivity as well as follow prescribed workflow processes.

Key Functionality

  • Customised Scheduler
  • Multisite Support

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