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Equipping Tranex Leadership with Real-time Visibility into Critical Business Metrics

Tranex manufactures and distributes road safety products across Australia and needed to modernise daily and weekly reporting. Their growth was outpacing static PDF-based updates, preventing data-backed decisions.

They collaborated with C9 to develop an automated, web-based analytics dashboard providing always up-to-date visibility into KPIs like sales activity, inventory levels, and manufacturing queue status. Built on Python ETL pipelines and SQL architecture, the portal refreshes datasets every 5 minutes.

Interactive charts allow executives to dive into region-specific performance and trends. Granular filtering surfaces insights like bestselling product families. Automated alerts notify key stakeholders of threshold breaches immediately via SMS and email triggering swift action.

With a continuously updated single source of truth into monitor what matters most, Tranex leadership and department heads can spot opportunities and risks in real-time to guide both strategic and tactical priorities across the business.

To report on sales and daily key performance indicators in a near to real-time environment within Tranex Equipment. The system needed to refresh every 5 minutes with latest up to date warehoused critical performance data.

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