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Can't find an off the shelf software application that fits your needs or perhaps you have an idea for a new mobile app that you want developed? C9 provide the full range of custom software development service across many devices and platforms.

Sotware Development

Custom Software Development

Do you require a tailored software application for your business where an off the shelf solution cannot be found that fits your needs? 

Perhaps you want to develop a software application that you can sell to others? 

C9 are experienced in developing custom software applications for many clients for PC, Mac and especially online allowing your users to be located globally with secure access to your internal custom web based application software. 

We can even offer custom software development services on your existing software in most circumstances due to our broad programming skill sets.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile computing is all the rage and growing every year, why not get your own custom mobile app built by C9 for Android, IOS and Windows compatible mobile devices. 

C9 specialise in line of business mobile applications used to improve mobile access to systems an increase the efficiency of your staff when away from the office with just in time access to information, but if you're after a mobile app for fun and leisure we can also help!

Software Customization

Software Customisations

Have you found or do you already have implemented a software application that fits 80% of your business but is missing the last 20%. Software applications built with extensibility in mind can be extended and customized to meet your requirements. 

C9 can assess your current software application to see if it can be customised and extended so that you can get the best out of your existing investment. Check out C9's integration services that go hand in hand with software component and module development services.

Component Development

Software Component & Module Development

Modular software allows us to build components and custom modules for installation into your system. Perhaps you need a custom SAP extension or a plugin for Microsoft SharePoint developed, in most circumstance if the software owner allows it then we can built it. 

Check out C9's integration services that go hand in hand with software component and module development services.

Legacy System Conversion

Legacy Systems Conversion

Do you have a system that has been in place and working for you for many years. C9 can assist in modernising your legacy software into cutting edge technologies breathing life into your systems for many years into the future. 

Not only can C9 provide legacy system conversions, we can also build bridges between your old software and new systems you wish to deploy.