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With millions of applications available on the market which do you choose? Why not implement multiple best of breed specialty software applications that integrate / automate together to produce the best most efficient outcome. Integration can save you time, money and typically provides a high return on investment. C9 can provide a full range of integration services connecting systems directly or indirectly to exchange data.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is the most widely accepted integration method by software vendors and their applications allowing you to share data across systems. C9 have extensive experience in providing integration with many different API's across many industries such as payment and shipping gateways' for e-commerce, banking and direct debits, marketing automation tools and CRM's, accounting systems and much more. If software provides a standards based API especially SOAP or REST based web services, C9 can integrate utilize it to build you a solution.

Direct Integration

If API Integration is not available all is not lost. Through various techniques C9 can often create direct integration bridges between disconnected system allowing you to share data. Contact us and let us assess what options are available for you and your systems.


Save time, money and data entry mistakes, automate the transfer of data between your systems on a just in time or scheduled basis and reap the benefits that automation provides. Using various API or Direct Integration methods to connect disconnected systems in an automated manner. Through C9's business process automation services you will be able to work smarter not harder and see a higher return on investment over manually driven processes. Why not get in touch to see what C9 can automate for you.

API Development

Do you own a software application and require an API to be developed? C9 can build you a standards based documented API to allow your users to integrate with your software. C9 have extensive experience in consuming and testing various RESTful and SOAP API's and can build you your very own.