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Primarily a full service web and software development company, C9 can provide your business with a full range of web and software design & development services.
Below is our portfolio of work that provides examples of many or our current and previous projects for many clients over the years.

Cripps Nubake – Bicuits


Key Functionality:

  • Easy to use Web Content Management System(CMS)
  • News
  • Promotions
  • Media
  • Product information


The Friesians and Jerseys in the dairy herds of our North West Coast produce luscious, creamy milk, churned with skill and care. Pure cream becomes golden butter, the delicious heart of Cripps Premium Tasmanian Shortbread & Anzacs.

As part of a multi project series with Cripps Nubake, and with a design created by Walker Designs, C9 were invited to create a web presence to reflect these iconic products.  C9 undertook all the website development ensuring that the iconic nature remained strong.

Later Project Clearview Aluminium Windows
Prior Project Cripps Nubake – Master